Address Changes

Please notify the Parish Office of any address change information. For more information, call the Parish Office during business hours at 719-473-4633.

Bulletin Announcements

Any announcements for the parish bulletin need to be submitted to the parish office by Noon on Friday of the previous week in order to appear in the coming weekend bulletin. Please call the Parish Office for details.


The mission of St. Mary's Cathedral Columbarium Ministry is to provide to the past, present, and future members of the parish, and to faithful of the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs a final resting place, consecrated and conserved in a spirit of dignity and reverence for loved ones at rest within the Communion of Saints.

To reserve a niche or for more information call the Parish Office at 473-4633.


Parking is available on the West and North sides of the Cathedral. For the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses only, the bank parking lot to the East of the Cathedral is available. Please keep in mind that your car may be towed after 9pm.

Prayer Requests & Hospital Visitation

A Prayer Intention Book is located in the cloister in which you may write prayer requests. Please notify the Parish Office if you or a loved one is hospitalized, needs someone to visit them or to schedule a Mass intention. Hospitals can no longer notify the church when one of our parishioners is a patient.

Remembering St. Mary in your estate plan is easy.

You can - Name St. Mary's as a beneficiary in your Will or Trust Name St. Mary as a beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan Name St. Mary's as a beneficiary of one or more of your insurance policies You can use any one or more of these gifting techniques, in whole or in part, and still provide for your loved ones. Contact 473-4633 for more information.

Respect for Life Committee

The Respect for Life Committee strives to address issues that reflect upon life as addressed in the Papal Encyclical, “The Gospel of Life.” The issues include abortion, assisted suicide, suicide, morals, sex, character responsibility, the death penalty, the less fortunate, reproductive technology, and population control. Members of the committee plan fund raisers and functions to enlighten and remind ourselves about these issues. What is “Respect for Life” all about? It’s about reaching peoples hearts.

Special Projects Volunteers

Volunteers are always welcome and needed to carry out the Formation Mission of St. Mary's Cathedral. Special Projects include clerical tasks, nursery upkeep, bulletin boards, set up and serve refreshments at programs, help at receptions and many, many more opportunities to share time and talent. Contact the Parish Office to volunteer your area of expertise.

Contact Office

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program in our parish that equips lay people to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care to those who are experiencing all kinds of needs and circumstances. We walk with those who are grieving, those who suffer loneliness, those divorcing, and those in spiritual crises. It is a confidential ministry where those receiving care can be sure that their identity and what goes on will remain private. Stephen Ministers are committed Christian people who express God’s care through their lives to others; receive 50 hours of initial training in important caring ministry skills; visit another person regularly and offer Christian support and care; participate in support and supervision under the guidance of trained Stephen Leaders; are committed to preserving the confidential nature of the relationship; serve for at least 2 years and receive continuing education and skill building throughout their years of service.

Contact Dee Nelson

The Deaf in our Parish Life

We hear with our eyes; we believe in our hearts; we speak with our hands about The Word of Life - Jesus Christ. It is critical that everyone have an opportunity to experience Mass in a language they understand. The Deaf Community is no exception. The only interpreted Mass in the city is held at St. Mary’s Cathedral at the 8:45 am Sunday Mass every week. This ministry is a diocesan program and the only source of funding is from Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs.

The Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus are one of the most giving and zealous of the faith organizations in the Catholic Church all over the world. Fr. Quezada, Pastor at St. Mary Cathedral, invited the Knights to establish a Council at St. Mary Cathedral in 2008. Since then, they have already made their kind presence known. For more information, please call.

Contact Grand Knight Mike Kavanagh