Marian House and Catholic Charities

As a parish of the Diocese of Colorado Springs, St. Mary's contributes 1% of all regular offertory and 26% of our annual Returning God's Gifts appeal to Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, which operates the Marian House and Bishop Hanifen Center across the street on our north side. They provide numerous services and forms of assistance to people in need on our behalf.

Ecumenical Social Ministries (ESM)

Three blocks east of St. Mary's on Bijou Street is Ecumenical Social Ministries. St. Mary's Cathedral is a founding member and proud supporter of ESM. St. Mary's contributes approximately 4% of our regular offertory collections to the support of ESM. Like the Marian House, they provide many services and forms of assistance to people in need in our community on our behalf.

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)

Interfaith Hospitality Network is a nationwide ministry that helps provide shelter for homeless families. Twice a year, St. Mary's hosts homeless families with children for one week. We provide dinner each evening and a safe, family-friendly environment to sleep in each night.

Kathy and Dean Miller, Coordinators

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program in our parish that equips lay people to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care to those who are experiencing all kinds of needs and circumstances. We walk with those who are grieving, those who suffer loneliness, those divorcing, and those in spiritual crises. It is a confidential ministry where those receiving care can be sure that their identity and what goes on will remain private. Stephen Ministers are committed Christian people who express God’s care through their lives to others; receive 50 hours of initial training in important caring ministry skills; visit another person regularly and offer Christian support and care; participate in support and supervision under the guidance of trained Stephen Leaders; are committed to preserving the confidential nature of the relationship; serve for at least 2 years and receive continuing education and skill building throughout their years of service.

Dee Nelson, Co-Coordinator
Kathy Finger, Co-Coordinator

Funeral Ministry

St. Mary's is the spiritual home to generations of Catholics in Colorado Springs. When your loved one has passed, we are happy to provide the Rite of Christian Burial for families of past and present parishioners. To help in the preparation of your loved one's funeral, you can review our Funeral Policy and look over the options for Funeral Readings. Contact the Cathedral Office to make arrangements.


St. Mary's Cathedral Columbarium still has a number of niches available. The Columbarium provides a permanent resting place for your loved ones on consecrated ground. We offer spaces for family of parishioners, past, present, and future, and to all Catholics. To reserve a niche or for more information call the Cathedral Office at 473-4633.

Respect Life Ministry

The Respect Life Ministry strives to address issues that reflect upon life as addressed in the Papal Encyclical, “The Gospel of Life.” The issues include abortion, assisted suicide, suicide, morals, sex, character responsibility, the death penalty, the less fortunate, reproductive technology, and population control. Members of the committee plan fundraisers and functions to enlighten and remind ourselves about these issues. What is “Respect Life” all about? It’s about reaching peoples hearts.

Mike Kavanagh, Respect Life Contact

Deaf Community

We hear with our eyes; we believe in our hearts; we speak with our hands about The Word of Life - Jesus Christ. It is critical that everyone have an opportunity to receive God's saving message and the gifts of the Mass. The Deaf Community is no exception. The only Mass with American Sign Language in the city is held at St. Mary’s Cathedral at the 8:45 am Sunday Mass every week. On the third weekend of the month, a priest comes down from Denver to offer a completely signed Mass in the North of the Cathedral Center at 11:30am.

Tera Lynn Gray, Coordinator

Knights of Columbus

St. Mary's Knights of Columbus Council is very active, with many events throughout the year. The Knights host a Spaghetti dinner, Oktoberfest, the Parish Picnic, breakfast every fourth Sunday of the month, and many other community events. They meet on the third Tuesdays in the Cathedral Center.

Tim McKernan, Grand Knight


Getting information out to the parish community is rarely an easy task. At St Mary's, we ordinarily communicate information to the parish community through three different forms of media.


Announcements before the Weekend Masses

Announcements before the weekend Masses are a good way to draw attention to the activities of the parish community. Announcements must be concise, connected to the life of the parish community, and are subject to the approval of the pastor.
They can be submitted to Esperanza Griffith.


Sunday Bulletin

If you have information about events in our community or parish life and would like them to appear in the bulletin, please submit them to stmarybulletin@stmaryscathedral.org. Any announcements for the parish bulletin need to be submitted by midday on Thursday of the previous week in order to appear in the coming weekend bulletin (a week and a half in advance). Announcements must be relevant to the life of the parish, the Catholic faith, and are subject to approval of the pastor.



This website includes information about the various ministries and activities in our parish community. There are links for ministry schedules, the parish calendar, as well as periodic updates to the home page with current information for upcoming events. If you have an upcoming parish event or ministry that should be included on the Cathedral website, email Fr. Price.


Parking is available on the West and North sides of the Cathedral. For Saturday evening and Sunday Masses only, the Cathedral rents the former bank parking lot on the east side of the Cathedral. Cars parked in our lots after 9:00pm will be towed. Because the Cathedral hosts frequent diocesan events, and has multiple Masses per day, our parking lots are for Cathedral events only.